Swaraj Yadav

6+ Years EXP in SERVER SIDE and Web Development/JAVA and PHP/ Exposure to Blackberry and Android and Win 8 App Development

I, Swaraj Yadav, have varied experience in developing JAVA and PHP based server side solutions for various clients in varied business domains and also have working knowledge of deployment scenarios and nuances involved. I have made use of my Linux familiarity to deploy JAVA and PHP web applications to different shared hosting servers, virtual private server as well as dedicated servers for my clients. I have helped them make scalable deployment across AWS and GoGrid cloud servers as well. My work experience till now involved working on latest JAVA Technologies like Struts v1 and v2, Spring, Hibernate etc using tools like Appfuse, Maven, Ant and various other Apache and OpenSymphony Libraries. It also involved developing custom solution for my clients in OOP/Procedural PHP making use of various frameworks like Codeigniter, Smarty and X­cart Etc. I have also used various CMS platforms like Joomla, Moodle and Drupal in PHP and OpenCMS and Jahia in Java during this work span. I wish now to be a part of an organization which makes full use of my quick learning capabilities and provides me with chances to enhance my skill set further.

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+91 7829666601